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    Wholesale Funny Naughty Christmas Ornaments
    Santa's Favorite Ho / 50 ornaments/sets - $375.00
    Now the party's finally started! Check out these hilarious Christmas ornaments...a little naughty but still a little nice. Perfect addition for your unique clientele or for your holiday box sets. Comes with a coordinating satin ribbon (red for red backer, green for green backer and white for blue backer). Made of two layered maple wood. Backer is painted. Individual ornaments also available in our shop.

    Choose from the following funny Christmas Ornaments:
    ➤ Santa's Favorite Ho
    ➤ You're on Santa's Shit List
    ➤ Merry F#cking Christmas
    ➤ Silent Night Yeah Right
    ➤ I Put Out For Santa
    ➤ Merry Shitmas
    ➤ Check out my balls
    ➤ Let it Snow just kidding I hate that shit
    ➤ Jingle My Bells
    ➤ Crack Deez Nuts
    ➤ Deck the Halls and not your family
    ➤ I'm so good that Santa came Twice

    Spread the cheer this holiday with a whole lot of good ol' humor.

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