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    It's time to ditch the plain plastic tags that are lost in the bottom of your bag. Upgrade to a water bottle tag that you can personalize with your name.  It's easy to find your water bottle at the gym, school, or wherever. These are sports themed and very popular for cheerleaders and sports teams.  Includes elastic band.  No more worries of mixing up your water bottle with someone else's.

    About the Sports Tags:
    --> Sizes vary across the available sports -- Approximately 2" - 2.5" in diameter made of maple wood and painted
    --> Includes elastic band
    --> 10 Sports Tag Options - Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Hockey Puck, Softball, Tennis
    --> Sports tag is laser cut and then laser engraved
    --> The tags are only engraved on 1 side but painted solid color on front and back. Engrave is paint filled in color shown.

    New! We've also provided a bundle option for the personalized sports name tags. This is perfect for group purchases for teams, cheerleaders & more!

    You can purchase the personalized tags (engraved) here --> Personalized Sports Tags

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