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    Personalized Name Gaming Stand for XBOX / PS4 / PS5 Headphones and Controller

    Beautiful personalized gaming headphone and controller stand! XBox and PS4 versions available. Handcrafted maple wood laser engraved with a name for you, your child or for the gamer in your life!

    The headphone stand is shaped as a head with ears to hold your head phones perfectly. The name and image will be engraved centered towards the top of the head. 

    NEW!  If purchasing the image option, you can now easily upload your image at checkout!  No more emailing me! You also have the choice to select an image from one of my listing photos or get assistance from me for finding an image. All options available at checkout! 

    IMAGES -- Not all images are perfect for a good 2D engrave.  The best photos are of high quality and are logo or icon style images and not people photos.  Also, images with lots of shading and multiple colors may not be good for a 2D engrave.  If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm looking forward to transforming your image into a laserable image and engraved on your gaming stand. 

    I cut and engrave your gaming stand with a top of the line laser to provide precise cuts and designs! Your stand is then hand painted or stained. If your preferred color combo is not shown, please let me know, and I can get it added.

    I offer multiple colors and stains. You also have the option for just a natural maple wood finish. The stand is made is 1/4" wood. The stand comes assembled. If selecting "Natural" for the color of the engraved part, please realize that these are laser engraved so natural in this case would be the natural lasered color not the natural color of the wood.

    To provide an estimate on size of the stands, the XBOX stand is approximately 8"H x 7"W x 6.25"D.

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