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    Personalized name puzzles are the perfect gift for any young child. Great for learning development of shape recognition, color recognition and letter recognition. Perfect for motor skills development as well. Children love these for their birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers, or any occasion.

    Choose the number of letters in your child's name at check out to determine base pricing and put the actual name in the personalization box at checkout. Then select if you would like just the base name puzzle or would like to include a personalized engraved inscription on the back of the puzzle. Great for grandparents wanting to give an inspiring message to their grandchild and makes this a great keepsake for the child. Who doesn't cherish all the unique little gifts our grandparents give us.

    >> SIZE of the puzzle will vary based on # of letters in name. For much longer names, the letters will be reduced dimensionally to accommodate max size for the name puzzle. If needing more than 12 letters, please let me know.

    >> COLOR of the puzzle can be designated at checkout in the personalization box. Choose from the following options:
    1) Pink Fade (alternating colors from Berry Pink, Light Pink, and White)
    2) Blue Fade (alternating colors from Navy Blue, Blue, and White)
    3) Rainbow (alternating colors through standard rainbow colors -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
    Due to different size of names, not all colors in a choice may be shown or may be shown multiple times. Words can be requested instead of a child's name. Put your selection in the personalization box.

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