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    Fireman Dad Red Line American Flag Sign
    These unique red line American flag shadow box signs are a perfect way to honor your fireman Dad this Father's Day for all his sacrifices for his community and family. Whether your dad is an active or retired firefighter, this sign is perfect to commemorate him and his service. Also great for bonus dads/step dads and even Grandfathers.

    Sign is made of primarily maple wood and each piece is hand painted. The kids names are engraved on wood in the shape of fireman shield badges. Red Line flag shadow box styled layout but kid friendly sign with NO GLASS and NO ACRYLIC to break -- all wood sign. The sign is made of multiple layers and has firemen silhouettes on the top layer.

    Personalize this sign with your dad's rank (please provide abbreviated version) and last name or full name as well as the kids' names. Fireman shield size may be reduced as necessary to fit all kids in the area available.

    I cut and engrave your sign with a top of the line laser to provide precise cuts and designs. The sign is multi-layers and 2 sizes are available -- 8x10 and 11x14. The frame will be the style shown.

    The sign will come with a hanging mechanism on the back.

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