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    Introducing our beautifully handcrafted Dad Puzzle Sign, the perfect gift for any occasion for the most special person in your life, your dad. Our 10" x 15" Maple Wood Sign has a classic and elegant design that features an interior framed area on a white backer with DAD engraved at the top with the heartfelt phrase "You are the piece that holds us together" - a sweet reminder of the love and bond shared between a father and his family.

    The highlight of this piece is the intricate puzzle design. This unique feature has been carefully crafted with dad, mom, and any children's names engraved on individual puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together, with dad at the center holding everything together. The overall effect is a beautiful and meaningful representation of the love and unity of a family.

    The beautifully crafted wooden frames add a touch of warmth and texture to the piece. You can customize the color of the frames to match your dad's mancave decor, his favorite color or leave it with an unfinished maple wood look for a more rustic and natural feel.

    --> The dad puzzle sign can have up to 12 puzzle pieces. Dad will be the center piece. The more pieces, the smaller they will be.
    --> If you would like a different name as the center piece, please indicate that in the personalization (ie. Grandpa, Father, Mom, Mama, etc)
    --> Choose the color that you would like for the frames. The inner and outer frames will be that color. The puzzle pieces will remain as unfinished maple wood.

    Sign is lightweight so can be hung with command strips, hanging putty or can be a shelf-sitter.

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