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    Branding your business is the #1 Priority. These personalized clothing hang tags are cow tag shaped and are perfect for adding that special flair to all the clothing that your business sells. Made of maple wood and personalized just for your business needs.

    How To Order >>
    >> Choose to add just your business name or business name and website (or other tag line) to your tags. Provide that information in the Personalization box at checkout. If only doing a business name, it will be centered on tag. If adding business name and website, name will be towards top of main tag and website at the bottom. See pictures for examples.
    >> If you have an SVG file with your business name, that's perfect! Send it our way. Or we can use our own fonts (as shown in pictures).
    >> The website/tag line will be in a basic non-script font (see pictures).
    >> Want to go that extra mile with your business and have your business logo engraved too? Send us your vector file (SVG), and we'll confirm that it will work and then buy the +Logo option at checkout.
    >> Then choose the bundle option of your choice. The more you buy, the more you save!
    **** Ribbon and Twine are not included with purchase. Only the wood tag with pre-cut hole and your personalization ****

    How To Use Wood Hang Tags >>
    It's easy to add these wood labels to shirts and other items by using twine or ribbon. If there is already a tag on the item, you can either punch a small hole (hole punch) in the current label or if the label is rounded (attached at both ends), then simply tie through the space in between. Voila! Your clothing has your business branding, and you look so professional now!

    Sizes Available >> Please make sure you make sure you understand the sizing that you need prior to purchasing.
    2" x 3" (large)
    1.75" x 2.5" (small)
    *** Tags are approximately 1/8" thick with a 6mm hole ***

    >> Need different shapes? Different Sizes? Contact me any time for custom orders.

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