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    Acrylic and Wood Blanks

    We design and engrave/cut our acrylic blanks on a C02 Laser.  These are not mass produced blanks thus may occasionally have minor flaws like a rough edge that should not impact your usage. We are always looking for fresh ideas and recommendations for new acrylic blanks.  We also now make some of our silicone molds using acrylic blanks which have a guaranteed shinier surface of the non-engraved areas.


    Personalized Engraved & Hand-painted Products

    We love offering personalized products!  Contact us any time for any special design requests or if you are needing a different size/color/material than is offered currently on our website.

    Custom Tumblers:

    We use double walled stainless steel tumblers for all of our custom tumblers other than ones posted as plastic or ceramic.  We take custom orders as well as have RTS (ready to ship) tumblers.  Some RTS tumblers may be customized for an additional cost.  All custom tumblers are non-refundable and must be pre-paid.  Please see our Refunds policy for more information. Care cards are sent with each purchase.  Please follow the instructions on the care cards to ensure your product does not have issues. Made with Love, Handle with Care. We welcome requests for custom tumblers.  Send us a message through our Contact Us page.

    Bleaching Stencils:

    Our bleaching stencils are made of a thin plywood and sealed. Wood is more durable than acrylic and is less likely to break and erode. However, with time and use, all materials can eventually breakdown.

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