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General Product Info


We use Platinum silicone for all of our silicone molds.  Unless otherwise specified on a product page, we do not promote our silicone molds to be food grade silicone. Since our products are all hand-poured, there may be minor imperfections that should not impact the durability or product usability. This includes but is not limited to minor bubbles in insignificant places on the mold.

Some of our complex 3D silicone molds require one or more side cuts in the silicone for you to be able to properly de-mold.  We normally include 1-2 rubber bands in your package to facilitate usage of these molds. For more information, we will providing guidance through care cards and YouTube videos in the future. We welcome questions regarding proper usage of our silicone molds.

Designodeal molds are handmade, hand-poured silicone molds. We do not carry China molds. Each mold is designed & crafted by me from beginning to end. Platinum silicone is used for all our molds. Mold color may vary unless specifically stated in description for a product. Some molds are made from 3D printed objects. Although we try to minimize any lines and attempt to enhance the objects to produce shiny molds, not all molds will be 100% perfect and shiny. We do guarantee a good quality handmade mold with minimal defects and bubbles. We would love for you to share your creations on our Facebook page!.DesignodealVIP.

Designodeal does not allow re-molding of our molds. The molds can be used to create resin objects for personal or commercial use; however, the mold cannot be copied and redistributed/sold for any purpose. 

All molds are MTO (Made to order) unless stated otherwise. Made to order means that once you have ordered a specific mold, then we place it into our production queue to be molded. RTS (Ready to Ship) molds will be stated on postings if available. B Grade molds are RTS.

B & C Grade molds have known issues and information regarding issues with the molds will be stated on the product page.  These are normally molds that didn't look as great as we'd hope to for sending out. Normally only cosmetic issues like minor bubbles, minor missing pieces of detail or other issues that do not have a major impact on the final piece.  B & C Grade molds are sold at a discount and are not normally included in additional discount promotions.

Turnaround time for all molds is 7 to 14 business days. However, unless high volume time period, molds are typically shipped in 3 to 5 days. Any exceptions beyond 14 days will be posted in the announcement section of our website.

Acrylic Blanks

We design and engrave/cut our acrylic blanks on a C02 Laser.  These are not mass produced blanks thus may occasionally have minor flaws like a rough edge that should not impact your usage. We are always looking for fresh ideas and recommendations for new acrylic blanks.  We also now make some of our silicone molds using acrylic blanks which have a guaranteed shinier surface of the non-engraved areas.

3D Blanks

3D Blanks are soon coming to our website.  These blanks are produced on a 3D printer and are considered the raw products thereof.  3D Blanks will have minimal resurfacing done to them after they are printed. We do not do any smoothing or shining our 3D blanks for the end user.  We do, however, ensure there are no significant irregular markings or pieces sticking out.  Note: We do smooth and shine our 3D blanks for those that we use for our silicone molds.

Personalized Engraved & Hand-painted Products

We love offering personalized products!  Contact us any time for any special design requests or if you are needing a different size/color/material than is offered currently on our website.

Custom Tumblers:

We use double walled stainless steel tumblers for all of our custom tumblers other than ones posted as plastic or ceramic.  We take custom orders as well as have RTS (ready to ship) tumblers.  Some RTS tumblers may be customized for an additional cost.  All custom tumblers are non-refundable and must be pre-paid.  Please see our Refunds policy for more information. Care cards are sent with each purchase.  Please follow the instructions on the care cards to ensure your product does not have issues. Made with Love, Handle with Care. We welcome requests for custom tumblers.  Send us a message through our Contact Us page.

Bleaching Stencils:

Our bleaching stencils are made of a thin plywood and sealed. Wood is more durable than acrylic and is less likely to break and erode. However, with time and use, all materials can eventually breakdown.